About us

The Dancu Cattle Breeding Research and Development Station was established in 1981, being a public research organization, under the coordination of the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences “Gheorghe Ionescu Sișești”, (A.S.A.S) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, with research activities aimed at ensuring the stable and sustainable development of scientific research capacity, technological development and innovation in the field of bull breeding, exploitation and improvement.

The Dancu Cattle Breeding Research and Development Station, is located in Iasi county, in Dancu locality (Holboca commune), in the N-E part of Iasi municipality, 2.00 km from Iasi International Airport and 1.50 km from Iasi Meteorological Station, respectively 8.00 km from Prut river.
The geographical area of influence of SCDCB-Dancu is represented by the North-East development region of Romania. The economy of the N-E development region is predominantly agro-technical, therefore scientific research and technological development in the field of bull breeding and exploitation is a need that can be successfully met by SCDCB-Dancu.

The research and development activity of SCDCB-Dancu focuses on:

  • Breeding, exploitation and improvement of bulls in order to form populations, efficient and adapted to national conditions, belonging to the Romanian Black-white breed;
  • development of bull breeding biotechnologies;
  • nutrition and control of milk and meat animal products;
  • developing scientific and technological capacity at regional and national level;
  • dissemination of information and modern breeding and farming technologies in line with European standards to beneficiaries in the field.